We started Moovers in 2005 with a simple goal: to make moving a better experience. We wanted to offer our customers the best quality moving vehicles and professional movers for one flat-rate.
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“No Surprise” Pricing

We’ve done away with the hourly-rate model that allowed moving companies to take “lunch breaks” on your dime. With our payment model you’ll know how much you’ll pay long before our trucks show up. That alone was enough to set us apart, but we wanted to make the moving experience even better.

Custom Rides

Our fleet of trucks are designed specifically for moving, down to the smallest detail. For example, they have a low floor height. That means they’re easier and safer to load and unload (unlike most delivery trucks that are built for loading bays). We’d love to get into the specific details of the most efficient load doors, walkboards, and best fuzzy dice color, but we don’t want to bore you.

Moving Masters

When we call our employees moving professionals, we mean it. All our movers are fully certified (We don’t use temp workers) and compensated for fast and safe moves; resulting in damage claims that are 1/8th the national average. Our movers are masters of efficiently using space while packing. Once, one of them played Tetris. After beating the high-score on the first try, he handed over the controller saying “I don’t see what’s so hard.”

We’re more than moving trucks and manual labor. We really care about improving our customers moving experience. Thats why 95% of our customers use us again. (Check out our testimonials for all the reasons why) We like to think it’s because of our flat rate pricing, professionalism, and rugged good looks.

We’d love to be your total moving solution.
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